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Project Description
Module for configure containers in multiple screens and manage them. 

It's uncommon to work on projects that require multiple screens, in those who need it is quite complicated to work with the management of different visual output devices.

I bring a module for managing the use of windows and monitors into a bookstore and through configuration, allowing the development focus in the view, being able to present the views of our application in any previously defined region.

screen Manager

ScreenManager uses a configuration file (.config) which specifies the containers for views. 

Within  the  defined  configuration  windows  and  window  types  there  and  within  defined  window views containers. The operation is similar to ASP.NET ContentPlaceHolder.  



It contains a property name that identifies the window. It also contains a type property that specifies the type to instantiate the window. 

In each window type defined FrameworkElement container (Grid, Border, etc..). It assigns a descriptive name to these containers. These containers are associated with a "name" that is to be used in code to reference the container view. 


In the example used above views handler that is responsible for deriving the view to the container:


Identifying monitors

ScreenManager to display the monitor identifier for a given time through the Identify method(miliseconds) 



            ScreenManager.Identify (3000);


Turn Off / On

ScreenManager to control off and on monitors through TurnOff methods () and TurnOn ();



ScreenManager.TurnOff ();

ScreenManager.TurnOn ();

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